Our Services

Our Services

We design and facilitate creative workshops and programmes, equipping you to harness the power of writing, speaking and storytelling. We can offer our own established syllabus or work with you to create a bespoke one, catered to your specific aims.


Creative Workshops and Programmes

This is the heartbeat of Oriki Collective:

Are you a school or work with young people?

Our programmes offer the opportunity for students to sharpen their creative and communication skills whilst building their confidence and self-esteem. This provides excellent preparation for academic assessments and the working world. Students and young people will also get the chance to pursue community and social action – the intersection between storytelling and social justice is one of our core values.

Are you a business?  

Let us help you craft powerful stories that build your brand, connect to existing customers, attract new ones and set you apart from competitors. The consumer is at the heart of every business and it is essential to relate in ways that resonate. We provide training and workshops at the workplace, as well as receive commissions for branding or marketing projects.

Are you an NGO or charity?

People move when they are moved. Let us help you create calls to action that are innovative and memorable. The right words, the right story, and the right storyteller breathes life back into jaded and disillusioned audiences. We will equip you to build reputations of trust and integrity through skilled and meaningful communication.

Contact us here to see how we can work together, or email info@orikicollective.com

What else do we provide?


Whilst our workshops and programmes are open to all, including those with no previous writing or creative experience, our masterclasses are tailored to those who are already practicing this craft, whether that’s a few months or several years.

Our masterclasses tend to focus on specific skills or is based around a particular theme.

Freelance Writing

We are open to receiving commissions to complete writing projects, whether it’s a piece of journalism, a contribution to a blog, speech writing, or business presentations and pitches.

Literary Editing and Consulting

Get in touch if you would like to receive expert insight, feedback and advice on a writing project or task.

Contact us here or email info@orikicollective.com